She Is Strong

I got this book sent to me by the lovely LaTasha Wesley awhile back and I am so sorry for this late book review. I had misplaced the book along with others in the process of cleaning up and moving things around. So please forgive me on my review being late.

She is strong is a book about different obstacles each women in the chapters had over come or know of someone who has. Each women is a strong black and successful women. Each chapter is about someone else and their stories. And I loved reading about them all and what they over come.

It’s 10 chapters in the book and each chapter the women talk about something different. It’s a chapter I’m the book about “Broken Relationships” it’s the 1st chapter and it’s the story of the lovey Dr. Joanne Frederick who is a licensed Professional Counselor . I love how each chapter you feel like the women are talking to you, the open up their story by say “Dear Sis”.

I love how they make it very personal. I strongly feel like you can learn something from each and everyone of these ladies. So for Dr. Joanne she was married 3 times and each married she states she got married because it was the thing todo from her religion. She states why all 3 marriages didn’t workout.

In this book each women tells their story they tell you what their prayer was. After each Women’s story you are asked a question given an affirmation and a Bible verse and a “She Is Strong” Prayer. The question that was asked after reading Dr. Frederick’s story was:

“ How are you prioritizing your relationship with God: have you sought His guidance concerning your life?”

Another woman’s story that I would like to share is Ms. Valencia Brimage. Ms. Brimage is an International Author. Her story is about “Moving Forward”, In her chapter she talks about how she found it hard to forgive and forget people for things that happened to her. She said she tried to do it on her own but she couldn’t.

She said it was nothing but God that helped her get over it and stop holding on to it. She stated that she serves under the King and it’s one of the best choices she made.

Dear S.I.S what is hindering you from moving forward, are you doubting your abilities and I’d so why?

If I had to rate this book I would give it a 9/10. I love this book because reading each of these lovely women of color letters to us I know that these stories they are telling us can help someone. It’s about 5 or 6 of these letters I can relate to.

I thank God that I found this book because I needed to read this and answer the questions that where asked after each story. I wrote all of the “She is Strong” prayers on my prayer journal because I know they will come on handy.

I highly recommend this book to my friends and readers and family. And I thank these lovely women who I ever met before but now feel like I know them, for sharing their stories with LaTasha who put them all into a book to share with us.